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Archive for June 2017

Brittle Bones Make an Unbreakable Spirit

Have you ever played the ice breaker game 2 truths & a lie? Well if you haven’t it is where you are to think up 2 truths (could be unique or simple) and a lie about yourself, then the others are to guess which are the truths and the lie. This game to me always…

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One of God’s Greatest Gifts

I figured most of you have come to read about my struggle with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and wanted to be able to share my story first before I got into much else. My husband Tommy and I have been trying to get pregnant since we got married back in August of 2013. Two years later…

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The Great Move

If you read my introduction post you saw that we moved a couple states South. This move was a difficult, but much needed move. God was wholeheartedly involved though, without a doubt. In early 2016, my mother and step-dad moved down here randomly for a teaching job, which was super hard for me seeing as…

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Blessed and Unbreakable

Welcome to my blog Blessed & Unbreakable! This blog just so happens to be my 3rd blog and I hope it will be where I stay! Just to start I’d like to give you a little info about myself. My name is Danielle and along with my hubby and our dog Kujo, we just move…

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