Hello, I am Fritz Barnes, and I am proud to be Amie Danielle’s step-dad. : )headshot of Fritz Barnes, web designed / developer

When she asked me a while back about setting up a blog for her, I told her to go write the first three blog posts, and then get back to me. See, I have set up probably a dozen blogs over the years for family members, and many of those blogs never got post #1. So, new policy…you write some posts first, then we build it.

And she did!

So I put together this website for her, bought the domain name, put together the theme, and with a few tweaks suggested be her, the project took wing.

I do build websites (web design, web development) for a living. I also provide hosting, maintenance, backups and security, and performance tuning.

If you know someone who needs a website, or needs an updated site, please connect me with them somehow. I will take good care of them, I promise.


Fritz Barnes